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J. P. Leclerc



Starting by self-learning and a passionate interest in photography, J.P. Leclerc furthered his education through a renowned distance education course in the day of silver bromide film photography in Montreal. He did a lot of portraits, casting, composite and stage photography and even a few LP covers, before abandoning due to his aversion of dark room duties, and business acumen. He then started a career in Computer Technology & Technical Writing up until 2003.

Moving to Toronto in 2003, he rediscovered a new photography universe through the Toronto Contact Photography Festival that occurred every month of May, for an entire 31 days. He returned to Photography as he realized it had become digital and the dark room had converted into a computer. He started working out of his apartment home studio and searching for the best mentor he could find. He worked with or under directive of local veteran photographers such as Alan H, Andrew Maidanik, Mike Sukhram, Toni Wallachy and Al Uerhe, and participating in numerous Meetup groups to familiarize with digital photography.

He is back in the West Island since 2016 with a great enthusiasm to offer you his services in Product, Fashion, Portrait and Event photography.

J P Leclerc

You can also view a couple of my fine art photos at


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