Starting by self learning and a passionate interest in photography, I furthered my education through a renowned distance education course in the day of film photography. I did a lot of portrait, casting & composite photography before abandoning due to my aversion of dark room duties.

I then started a career in Computer Technology & Technical writing up until 2003.

Moving to Toronto in 2003, I rediscovered a new photography universe through the Contact Toronto Photography Festival every month of May for an entire 31 days. I returned to Photography as I realized it had become digital and the dark room had converted into a computer.


I since have worked out of my little apartment studio and searching for the best mentor I could find. I worked with or under directive of local veteran photographers such as Alan H, Andrew Maidanik, Mike Sukhram, Toni Wallachy and Al Uerhe.

I am back to the West Island now with a great enthusiasm to offer you my services in photography.

J P Leclerc

You can also view a couple of my fine art photos at


and at: www.artistrising.com/galleries/johnnyfarr

All copyright photos on this site have been taken and edited by J P Leclerc

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