Professional product photography is an essential part of advertising and marketing your product;  In e-commerce the photo is the product.

The Little Studio offers both retailers and manufacturers unmatched visibility into the E-Commerce marketplace, enhancing their online presence. The Little Studio can present your product under its most favorable light, in vivid and appealing colors, displaying its texture from its most flattering angle to make the observer want to purchase it.

The Little Studio offers to shot your product line at your place of business location bringing our mobile studio to your manufacturing facilities or back store.


Our product photography service includes:

  • Still shots

  • Model shots

  • Mannequin shots

    All shots are:

  • Color corrected or digitally color-up

  • Standard retouched

  • Shot on pure white background or with “clipping paths”.

  • In market ready multi format images (Web display or Print)

  • With a turnaround time as short as 72 hours.

All copyright photos on this site have been taken and edited by J P Leclerc

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